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Every Shot

Patent-granted vaccination system for ensuring proper vaccination is achieved, with real-time  injection quality control

Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency

Precise Dosing

Reduced Errors

Accurate Injection

Injection control by an electro-mechanical pump

Audio-visual alerting for immediate correction

Adjustable needle length for specific injection site

Control the Vaccination Process
on your Farm


Set device with predefined vaccination programs on a user-friendly mobile app


Real-time crew performance oversight from your smartphone

Breakthrough Technology
in your Hands

  • Customizable programming and monitoring of multiple devices from the convenience of your smartphone

  • Offline capabilities for rural areas with no connectivity

  • Data storage to the cloud for reporting and analysis

Mobile Application

Web Application

  • Analyze and store vaccination data in a secure, password-protected environment

  • Advanced Business Intelligence dashboards and reports facilitate comparison and improvement

Modular and Flexible Configuration

'Single' Configuration

Automatic administration of one vaccine

Single injection head

single inj head.png

'Dual' Configuration

Automatic simultaneous administration of two vaccines

Dual injection head

(one needle)

dual inj head.png

Twin injection head
(two needles)

twin auto inj head.png

Reduced Fatigue

Enhanced Safety

Increased Productivity

vest cut-out.png

Ergonomic Vest

Military grade material
Fully adjustable to any body structure
Convenient and safe hands-free device carrying

Light-Weight Hand Unit 

Minimized fatigue with ergonomic design
Enhanced safety with needle safety cover and a dual contact point activation mechanism

Hand unit no BG.png

Built-in Cleaning Mechanism

Ensures proper cleaning and disinfecting of the system with minimal effort and time

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