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Cobb Vantress

"I would recommend vaccinating flocks with pHi-Tech to other poultry operations that put an emphasis on quality, safety and efficiency in their production procedures".

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"pHi-Tech was first implemented in NutryPollo two years ago and immediately showed a significant improvement in the Titer curves, indicating of better flock immunity".

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Days Eggs

"It is now easier for our team leaders to monitor the process in real-time and management receives a clear overview of the flock's immunity status from the reports".

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"The pHi-Tech vaccination system helped us distinguish our company from competitors by ensuring accurate vaccine administration to our flocks while reducing the stress on the birds".

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Demler Brothers

"Working with the pHi-Tech vaccination system has enabled us to improve injection rate by 15% meanwhile ensuring accurate administration of the vaccine, as we can see by the enhanced Titer uniformity results".


Şişman Yumurta

"we have been using the pHi-Tech system for vaccinating our flocks and truly benefit from the ability to closely monitor and control the vaccination process performed by the operators, leading to reduced injection misapplication errors".

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"At first we were a bit skeptical regarding pHi-Tech, however, we quickly found the significant contribution of real-time monitoring and reliable data collection to ensuring the health of our flocks".


Pitman Farms

"One of the best features of this device is the safety mechanism that helped us eliminate worker self-injection accidents completely and avoid our workers’ injuries and absence”.

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Türem Yumurta

"We found that pHi-Tech significantly improved the overall injection rate, especially using the dual system that enables simultaneous application of 2 vaccines – meaning more birds were vaccinated effectively in less time”.

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Granja Diamante

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"We recommend any farm manager who wants to be able to monitor the quality and precision of the vaccination process on their farm to use the pHi-Tech system"

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