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Revolutionizing Poultry Vaccination: The Efficacy of pHi-Tech in Field Trials

In the dynamic world of poultry farming, the health and productivity of flocks are paramount. A key player in maintaining flock health is the effective administration of vaccines. With technological advancements, innovative solutions like pHi-Tech are emerging as game-changers. This article delves into the serological advantages of using pHi-Tech for poultry vaccination, based on measurable results from a field trial.

The Importance of Effective Vaccination

Each year, billions of inactivated vaccine doses are administered globally to protect poultry against major diseases. Effective vaccination is critical in preventing outbreaks and ensuring the overall health of the flock. However, traditional manual vaccination processes have often been laborious and inconsistent.

Manual syringe vaccination is a time-consuming laborious process, stressful for both birds and operators, and prone to errors due to human factors like fatigue. These inconsistencies in dose administration can lead to suboptimal vaccine delivery, affecting the health and productivity of the birds.

Introducing pHi-Tech: A Technological Leap

Responding to these challenges, pHi-Tech represents a revolutionary step in poultry vaccination. It's designed to ensure precise vaccine administration, monitor the vaccination process in real time, and analyze data for continuous improvement.

A field trial conducted in a leading poultry operation highlighted the effectiveness of pHi-Tech. Compared to manual syringe vaccination, pHi-Tech significantly improved seroconversion rates in birds. This means an increase in antibody titers and a decrease in variation, directly correlating to better disease resistance and flock uniformity.

Seroconversion, the process of developing detectable antibodies in the blood after vaccination, is a crucial indicator of vaccine efficacy. The field trial results showed that pHi-Tech not only improved seroconversion rates but also ensured more consistent vaccine delivery across the flock.

Bar graph showing increased average antibody titers and reduced coefficient of variation in poultry vaccinated with pHi-Tech versus manual syringe
Field trial results demonstrating the serological advantages of the pHi-Tech system over manual vaccination methods, with improved average antibody titers and consistency across the flock

The precision and consistency of pHi-Tech offer numerous advantages over manual vaccination:

1.  Reduced Stress for Birds and Operators: Automated vaccination is less laborious and more efficient.

2. Higher Accuracy: Ensures optimal vaccine dosage administration for each bird, which is a critical factor for flock immunity.

3. Time Efficiency: Faster than manual methods, allowing up to 2 vaccines to be injected simultaneously to each bird, resulting in a shorter process.

One of the standout features of the pHi-Tech vaccination system is its ability to collect and analyze vaccination data. This comprehensive process overview and monitoring facilitates decision makers to implement data-driven enhancements and continuous improvements in their vaccination protocols.

The pHi-Tech system marks a significant advancement in poultry vaccination. Its ability to improve seroconversion, reduce variability, and enhance the overall vaccination process makes it a valuable asset in modern poultry farming. pHi-Tech is set to revolutionize poultry health program and ensure that Every Shot Counts™.

We thank the dedicated teams involved in the field trial and invite readers to learn more about pHi-Tech and its impact on poultry vaccination efficacy by scheduling a demo call with our global experts.



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