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Vaccine Misapplication 

The Main Reason for Vaccine Failures

Billions of inactivated vaccine doses are administered to birds annually without being detected, using manual syringes. This can result in poor flock immunity and farm productivity, despite using the best vaccines available.


Misapplication errors have several causes, such as 

  • Lack of real-time error notification and control

  • Worker fatigue and injury from strenuous labor

  • Poor calibration and application practices

Ensuring Proper Vaccine Application

from the First Bird to the Last

pHi-Tech ensures proper vaccine administration is achieved through real-time audio visual alerting for misapplication.

Team leaders are able to easily program and oversee multiple operator's performance in live through their mobile app.


At the end of the vaccination event, data is transferred and stored securely to the cloud and accessible through an intuitive web application for analysis and managerial purposes. 

Real-Time Injection Quality Control

from the Convenience of your Smartphone

pHi-Tech's mobile application enables managers to monitor and oversee in real-time their operator's performance and ensure proper vaccine administration

to their flock.

This easy-to-use application enables quick and accurate vaccination programming for multiple systems in a click, saving you time to focus on your important tasks.

Data-Driven Decisions

based on Accumulated Vaccination Data

pHi-Tech's web application Business Intelligence dashboard

converts comprehensive vaccination records into user-friendly graphic charts,

helping managers make informative decisions to improve their vaccination process.


A Peek of the

Breakthrough Technology

Our innovative vaccination management system

provides you with the tools you need 

to monitor and track the vaccination process

and ensure your flock's immunity.

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