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The serological advantage of vaccinating flock with pHi-Tech compared to a manual syringe

Vaccination against major poultry diseases is an essential component of health programs on all farms. Every year, billions of doses of inactivated vaccines are administered to commercial hens and breeders. Among the critical factors to achieve a successful vaccination are proper storage and handling of the vaccine and the unmet need for an efficient vaccination process.

To date, the process of injecting vaccine to long-cycle birds requires an operator to deal with all birds, making it time-consuming and stressful for both the birds and the operator. One of the main disadvantages of injectable vaccination is the fact that it is a manual, laborious and error-prone process. Streamlining the process poses a great challenge due influential human factors, such as fatigue, that can negatively affect the precision of the injected dose and directly influence the productivity and health of the animals.

The constant technological advancements in the poultry industry have led to the development of innovative solutions for improving vaccine administration. pHi-Tech is the revolutionary poultry vaccination management system for ensuring proper vaccine administration to flock, vaccination process monitoring in live and analyzing data collected for improvement.

In a field trial conducted in a leading poultry operation, we saw that by using pHi-Tech for injecting commercial birds, managers managed to improve the seroconversion of birds, providing both an increase in antibody titers and a decrease in the coefficient of variation, in comparison to injecting with a manual syringe. With pHi-Tech, Every Shot Counts™️!

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