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How collecting vaccine data can improve poultry health

Based on an article published by Elizabeth Doughman in Watt Media (link to the full article at the bottom).

Combining the poultry vaccination process together with a tool for data collection during the vaccination event is the key to simplifying decisions related to flock health and productivity, summarizes Elizabeth Doughman in her published article on Watt Global Media.

“Typically, when we look at the results from a specific flock – assuming we can even identify the flock – it’s usually too late in the game,” Assaf Shafran, vice president, Phibro Animal Health, general manager, pHi-Tech, explained at the October 2022 Poultry Tech Summit.

This lead us to the conclusion that automating the vaccination process is the way to ensure flock immunity and health. It's commonly agreed that vaccines are critical to keeping poultry flocks heathy, as long as they are properly administered. There are strict requirements when it comes to the storage, dosage and administration of vaccines and many problems with vaccination can be directly attributed to human error.

“We’ve developed a technology that can meet that challenge with a smart vaccination system that helps operators to inject without getting tired, without affecting their safety and with fewer mistakes so they can inject get every shot properly", demonstrated Shafran during his Tech Talk.

Injection technology with integrated data collection foe every injection helps provide real-time oversight of crew performance, allows team leaders to program and monitor the required parameters for a vaccination program and provides complete transparency of the process to the decision makers.

Veterinarians and farm managers can easily access and analyze the collected data through a dashboard in the cloud, enabling them to a better understanding of the causes of reduced flock immunity, that until today remained as a block box.

In addition, the pHi-Tech technology features an electro-mechanical auto injector, which facilitates both accurate and efforless administration of the vaccine, so that every shot counts™.

Link to the full article published in Watt -

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